Monday, July 19, 2010

My last attempt at grad videos

Alright... seeing how my daughter is weeks away from being a kindergartener I figured I would give these preschool graduation videos one more chance to upload. And after ALL night they are up! Crazy internet!!

They had a "potluck" type of get-together afterwards. We decided to make graduation caps out of mini muffins, icing, shortbread cookies, licorice and m&ms. YUMMY! She had a blast making them. Mostly because I let her nibble on all the goodies as we went.

While we "baked". . . Mykah played...

Then we were off to the party!
When she marched in the shyness set in...

And it lasted through all of the songs! All of the songs they sang she had been singing around the house for WEEKS before this big day. I told her way ahead of times on numerous occasions that when she was singing them at graduation there would be TONS of people there watching. She seemed more than ok with all of that. Then the big day came...

By the end of it she was all warmed up and ready to sing. And yes... (if I haven't already mentioned this) I did cry a little during this song. It was just SO sweet... and sad. Saying goodbye doesn't mean the same thing to kids though... so she was fine with it all.

Before we headed out I got a couple of shots of the 2 of them. The pictures may all be crap, but be glad I got ANYTHING! I was operating the camera, video camera and taking care of Mykah. Talk about a tired momma!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seems as if this might work

The internet seems to reject the idea of any type of video from me. Some times I luck out though... :o)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A chapter has ended

My baby... yes... my BABY is done with preschool! I have a flood of mixed emotions. I am SO happy that she is going on to something more challenging. So glad that she will be making new memories and new friends. I am welcoming the upcoming changes and challenges, but this all means something else as well. It means she is growing up!! I know... its not like I can change that, so I might as well embrase it, but its all happening SO FAST!! It seems like she was JUST Mykahs age! Like I was just spoon feeding her and changing her diapers. Now she will have homework and afterschool activities! Like I said... I am welcoming these upcoming changes, but WOW... my baby is going to be a KINDERGARDENER!!

Some shots of her and her 'teachers' in preschool/ daycare. :o)

Ms Stephanie

Pizza party to celebrate

Ms Saggera (I need to check her spelling...)

Mrs Charlene - the teacher of Kaylas group. A truely amazing teacher!

Ms Elaina

Now for me to go back and post about her graduation. I need to get video on here for that. We all know how iffy the internet is with me and video. :o)

Friday, May 28, 2010

My amazing....

Had a teacher’s conference this past week. Mrs. C. and I laughed quite a bit. Yes... my daughter still has issues sitting still during the preschool programs circle time, but we both agreed it’s probably boredom. I mean... when you take five year old that can read, write and do simple math, and start teaching them the sounds of letters... they are going to get bored.

Anyways... that was only one of the good laughs we had. We both shared stories about Makayla and her amazing creativity. We think it’s amazing just how creative she can get. She will take an ordinary book... take the characters and make up a completely new story. Then she will re-take those same characters and they will be doing something else entirely. It doesn't have to be story book characters either... it can be a couple of rocks, sticks, blades of grass, pieces of paper... ANYTHING and this kid’s imagination will go straight to work.

We talked a lot about her absolute LOVE for animals. I mean it’s crazy! She is NOT the typical girl with a love for babies, barbies or dress up stuff. She is ALL about her stuffed animals. They are her absolute favorite toys hands down! I have tried to show her different things when we go toy shopping, but she just frowns at me shaking her head and quickly find her way to the PetShops and stuffed animals. Yes… she still loves her PetShops, and still wants to buy them regularly, but she doesn’t insist on taking them everywhere like the stuffed animals.

Truly an amazing big sister! I mean REALLY amazing. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the fact that Mykah can’t talk and isn’t mobile. Once those things start happening, and he’s annoying her and taking her toys… I will report back with what type of sister she is then. :o) For now she LOVES to play with him. She loves making him laugh and usually laughs to the point of tears when he does something she thinks is funny. One day she asked me “mommy how come when I laugh at Mykah I get tears in my eyes?!” I told her “that’s when something is REALLY funny!”

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy stinking Mothers Day.....

Really I shouldn’t be like that… REALLY!... I love the fact that I am a Mother. I absolutely adore the two people on this earth that have given me that title. I am SOOO lucky for what I DO have, but this day always makes me think about what I DON’T have! Today seemed especially horrible. I think because I now have NO parents… none! Not even the one I rarely saw and had a half-assed relationship with while he was here! My dad passed away on the 19th of last month, and even though today is Mothers day I couldn’t help but think about them both. While I am happy that my dad was able to meet my kids, it SUCKS that they will never know him. Makayla is 5, but I am absolutely positive when she is older, and shares the story of her grandparents, my mom and dad will be skipped over with a quick “I never met my mom’s mom, and I met my mom’s dad when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it.”

I secretly hoped and prayed that starting my day with Church, which I haven’t been to in YEARS, would somehow make the day deal-able. Well, let me tell you this… Church is nowhere near the same when you are holding a nonstop squirming 7 month old, and constantly telling a 5 year old to sit still and be quiet. I did enjoy it, but I felt more frustrated when I left that when I arrived.

So here it is 9pm, and I am sadly… happy that this day is over. Not that tomorrow my mom and dad won’t be on my mind, but at least when I look at my phone, check facebook, or read my e-mails there will not be CONSTANT reminders that I am now a parentless parent.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can't do what I planned to do...

And DAMN is it frustrating! I planned on posting a bunch of videos when I restarted this site, but for some reason the entire internet seems to reject my videos. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Lately I have I been ALL about the video camera. I pick that up more often that I do the camera these days.

It’s Ok... I can blog here with no pictures right?!... I’m sure I’m getting a lot of weird, blank stares out there! haha.

We had a great Easter. The Easter Bunny made a sneaky appearance when we weren't looking. He left eggs along the side of our house, and when we got to the back of the house we saw that he left Kayla and Mykah a basket on our swing. Sneaky sneaky bunny. :o) Kayla was excited and Mykah was... well... 6 months old so I’m sure you can guess his reaction to it all.